One Happy Island Aruba

Hello Everyone, 

Within the past month, I was able to travel to one of the best Caribbean island. My birthday was April 26th. I decided to get a way and plus it was spring break, So why not?! I love traveling as you guys know. Although, I was caught catching up on some homework from my other classes I still made sure I enjoyed every second. One thing I love about Aruba, is that everyone is so kind and welcoming! When I visit a country, island or etc I love being around individuals who doesn’t make you miss home. I participated in many activities while there. But of course one of my first stops was the famous I love Aruba sign. It is one of the most famous attraction for tourists.  The beaches in Aruba, are absolutely beautiful. They’re clean and clear so far fetched compared to any  of the beaches I’ve been to!  

I did a cool amazing water sport, where they whip you around which was also pretty cool. I loved walking on the beach and when I go back I’ll probably spend 99.8% of my time on the beach. I also experienced  Aruba’s party bus. The Kukoo Kunuku, it was a party bus that bar hoped at different bars. For my birthday, I had dinner at a restaurant called Barefoot. It was on the beach and I was able to watch the sunset!  The food was amazing. And as you guys know I love food so of course I took photos of my favorite dishes!  By the way some of the photos look amazing because I received the Samsung Galaxy S10 for my birthday and it takes amazing photos! There’s so much to say about Aruba and so much I could go on and on about. However, I’m going to let you guys take a look at the photos below and let it speak for itself. Hopefully, it inspires you guys to want to visit Aruba one day!  










HAHA yes that is me 😊

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